Monday, January 26, 2009

A Meal To Remember

I have a husband that is soooo talented!! He can do just about everything (except nurse a baby...and I did, at one point when I was so exhausted from many sleepless nights, think that the Lord couldn't possibly have placed the appropriate items on a man's chest just for looks!!)One of his many talents is cooking Chinese Food. He can make just about anything...Kung Pao is something he has become very proficient at. I just love his Hunan Chicken! And, yesterday, he took our snow pea garden bounty (yes, we actually have grown snow peas, and are picking quite a few of them each day, and when you plant something in your garden that costs a lot in the stores, it sure seems like you save money!)and made Beef and Snow Peas. Now, I am not a beef eater, but I did sneak some snow peas, and they tasted just fantastic...fresh from the garden and then stir fried to perfection with the best sauce...I am so lucky!!!

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the W* family said...

Yum! I miss Dad's Chinese so much! I just can't get his Kung Pao right when I make it. Glad your snow peas worked out!