Monday, July 20, 2009

31 Days of Praying For Our Husbands

This morning, I found this: a challenge to, for the next 31 days, pray for our husbands. It just absolutely inspired me. Now, I do always pray for my sweet Dee, but this gives me an even greater challenge, for the blog includes inspirations on specific things to pray for. I am a firm believer in prayer. I know that Dee kept his straight A's in college as a result of much study, and great prayers. I know that those going through challenges can actually feel the strength of the prayers of others. I know that prayer makes a difference. I know time and time again that I have prayed and been blessed...not always the way I think I should be, but the resulting answers have been exactly what I needed. I pray for my hubby, my sweet children, their spouses, my grandbabies...all 4 of them! I am totally psyched about this...31 days of special prayers for the person who is the most special to me!

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