Monday, July 27, 2009

Praying For My Husband-Day 8

Today's prayer is kind of a challenge for us. I have already shared the fact that hubby's job will end. He has spent over 30 yrs. here. He began as a machinist trainee. He worked to a machinist, then a tool room machinist, then Green Belt, then Black Belt. He then worked and completed his business degree, and went on to be a manager, a manufacturing engineer, and a transition manager. Now, after all this, he works his tail off every single assist in the rapid elimination of his job. He still gives all in a day, and sometimes spends his own time in meetings with India to assist them in their successful transition to production of an engine. He has been successful in this career, as well as his careers as a realtor, and as a private disc jockey. These two industries are also suffering through hard times. Real Estate will probably come back in years to come, but the disc jockey business he started and worked at for 30 years is also probably going to end. I did not realize that our raises for years, reduced pay and benefits, and no dances makes him feel like a failure as a provider. I feel nothing but great and sincere gratitude for a man who has worked up to 20 hours a day, six days a week, for over 29 years to assure that I could be a stay at home mom. He works to make money, and he works on his time away from work to save money. HE fixes the washing machine. HE pours the cement. HE builds the block walls, the pizza ovens, the outdoor kitchens. HE drywalls the shelf units, the ceilings. HE cuts and lays the tile. HE repairs the cars...under the hood and on the body. HE cares for the pets. HE plants the garden and cares for it. HE nurtures the trees, picks the citrus bounty, and eats them yucky grapefruit. HE invents systems to take the water that runs out of the a/c and off the roof, goes underground through a pipe, and waters our thirsty pine trees. HE constantly monitors our pool so it stays nice and swimmable. HE stops the leaks in the plumbing, fixes the toilets. HE gets on Craigslist and finds new stuff when the old stuff dies. HE rebuilds engines and restores trucks, putting off his panel wagon dream. HE hunts for some of the best meat you will ever get to eat (except for the doves....yuck!)HE shovels horse manure outside a horse rescue facility and makes our compost pile. HE carefully scours yard sales and provides furniture, dishes, tools, and just about anything and everything our entire family needs (including the cast iron stuff that Mike loves...and must drive Allison crazy!). HE is the one who carefully sought out the BEST deal on solar power and solar water heating, and he was here the whole time to make sure the water heater - and our troubles with the company - were few. HE helps those who work here. HE made the attic as cool as he could for the guys who had to spend their entire day in early July installing our new A/C - another something that HE must have been prompted to do because he had been getting bids for weeks. HE reads his scriptures, and spends A LOT of time on his knees, praying for the welfare of each and every one of us, whether we are kind or nice or even civil to him. I could go on and on...HE also makes the best Chinese food, and pulled pork. All to save. A poor provider. There is just nothing that could be further from the truth!!! So, my prayer for today will be that he will be able to provide until the end of this job, and be able to find something when the time comes that will give him joy in the future.

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