Sunday, July 19, 2009


It is so important for us to be charitable, to be there when another is in need. It is ALSO important for us to make sure we do not selfishly put ourselves into a situation that makes it so that others have to help us. Case in point: I have seen instance after instance in which a person/family is needing financial help...this is not a rarity during these hard times. Yes we should help. However, in many of those cases, I find that those needing have taken vacations, enrolled their children in private universities, signed kids up to be part of club ball teams, gotten pedicures, purchased meals out, etc. Now, I am no example of anything, but we drive old used cars...our newest is a 99 jeep that was totalled in an accident and we rebuilt rather than purchase another one. We never eat out, I never get a pedicure...and my only haircut in the last nine months was due to a gift certificate for mothers day from my kids. I didn't get a birthday present. Dee got nothing for Fathers' Day from me. I wore my running/hiking shoes until the soles had holes in them.Kayty is at a community college, postponing her university dream for a few years. I sit in a line every Thursday morning for 3 hours to get surplus veggies and staples. I drive to a foodbank to get their food club boxes. I write down EVERY expense on a spreadsheet, and then watch my budget like a hawk...even with adding a new adult to our household, I am still staying with the 100 bucks a week budget, including purchasing a few extra items for our years' supply. I keep our A/C at 83 during the day. I watch when I use the water. Now, again, I am not any great person, and I witness many wonderful people who do even more. I am just saying that people need to learn to live on less. It really isn't that bad. And eating new things is kind of an adventure...we had whole wheat sweet potato cookies today...with butterscotch chips, honey and pumpkin seeds...and they weren't too bad. Whew...I think my vent is over. Please forgive me if I have offended. I am not here to judge...only to challenge. We CAN live on less. Needs are that...needs...not wants that we talk ourselves into thinking we need!


Anonymous said...

You've got an amen sister. I know I'm happier when I work hard for my money. I know that I work hard to make sure to put that money to good use. I've had neighbors complain about how little money they have for groceries- as they pull into their garage in their brand new sports car. I find it harder to feel charity for people who put themselves in difficult situations, and expect handouts to get out.`

T and Jackie Isom said...

I totally agree! I know that I'm not the perfect example of frugality, but I look to you as an example. I also think it's interesting how the one who actually seems to need the money is doing the best they can without asking for a handout, and the one asking for help is living it up!

Stacie Aho said...

I LOVE this, and totally know what you mean. You are an awesome example to me of what it means to be practical and selfless. Going into school this year, I'm REALLY going to have to watch what I spend. It's a personal challenge to myself. I think it's a true talent that you have. Your hubby and kids should be SO grateful to have someone as cautious as you in this area. Way to be!