Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kayty's Love

Kayty came out today, new folders for school in her hand. She showed me one of the features, on the inside flap. It was a list...a list of planets. And there, in bold black letters, was the word "Pluto". Kayty was elated...this provides further proof that Pluto is indeed a planet. She has a true love for Pluto. She feels that the scientific community has committed a gross error, deciding that, due to the small size and irregular orbit, Pluto could no longer be considered truly a planet. Her feelings on this are abundantly clear, and vocally stands up in defense of small and irregular Pluto. She even has become part of a Pluto fan club! Go figure...I guess that's what makes the world today what it is...a place where the small, insignificant, and even forgotten...even a planet, has a fan club. Go get 'em Kayty!!

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