Saturday, July 11, 2009

Surpises Are The Best!

I am not usually one for surprises, especially when they happen to me! I don't like birthday parties, singing to me, etc. I am a hopelessly "plan ahead" person, and I try to be spontaneous, but it shows that I am not comfortable. I manage, and try not to make the world too terrible a place for the ones I love. The other first cool morning in a long time (thank you Alaskan Air Conditioning for working so hard installing my new a/c to replace our failing 25 year old one) sweet daughter in law, Danyel, called and asked if I had seen Allison's blog. I hadn't had any time to even turn on the computer that morning. She urged me to get on NOW. I was a bit concerned...there again, me and the no surprises malady (the a/c going out was surprise enough for a long time!)I opened it and found...first, my two sweet grandbabies looking quite surprised! And then the best surprise of ultrasound of a sweet baby boy! Yes, Mike and Allison are going to have baby #3 this December. What a happy wonderful good and very great surprise! Now, I have to work on that stocking for my fireplace to hang up this Christmas. And then, the only surprise can be what they name this sweet little blessing from Heaven! (Adam is leaning toward Christofuss...but I said that wouldn't fit!)Surprises can be very, very, very wonderful!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

That's so wonderful! What a happy surprise. Congratulations! Aren't baby boys fun? :-)

Superstar said...

I just am amazed at technology....look at that handsome new bundle, cooking in the womb!