Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cameo and Ethan

This post is not anything more than a "thank you"...thank you Ethan for being wise enough to marry Cameo!! They came by on Sunday night...Cam had tried over and over to do something for my birthday: texted me to take me out to lunch, but my head and my lack of a/c was making me ill...then they both sent me birthday messages on my birthday...surely a great gift. Then, on Sunday, they brought me flowers, a neat accessory for my Winter village (get that, Kayty, not a Christmas it can go up on the piano come November 1) and my favorite...Sees Nuts and Chews!!! Cameo made sure we took pics, too...something I often put aside. She is just the most thoughtful person! She is unselfish, and kind, and dedicated and just wonderful. I feel so very blessed and honored to be her mom in law.

My boys may have made some of their teenage years an adventure in prayer for me, but they sure have made up for it with their gems...Cameo...and Danyel. I love them dearly!

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