Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy Saturday

Saturdays are busy, with hitting a few yard sales, and yard work. Though our tomato plants are suffering from early heat, they are still giving us a great bounty. Hence, I have to USE them. Today: roasted tomatoes for spaghetti sauce. In the pizza oven.

I never noticed before...I roast with Korean Salt!
Later, Cameo had planned a Movie Night, plus Dee, Ethan, Cam and Morgan, had caught TONS of striped bass the night before, so we had a fish fry as well. The movie, "Hop" was so cute...I had never heard of it. Though, I won't ever eat jelly beans again...didn't know they were Easter Bunny "droppings". ;P
Jessica also joined in our family movie night. This is such a nice room at Ethan and Cam's house to watch a movie in!

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