Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am so sorry I have been a lax poster. I spend my days and weeks cleaning, my evenings raking, digging, moving rocks, cutting pipe, digging trenches (in other words, being Nathan) and at night, I put together care packages for the MTC. I say packages, because Elder Hem, who is in Utah, learning Korean, but a native Cambodian, doesn't get care packages...Mail is far too expensive for that. So, when I make one batch of cookies, I make two. When I buy one box of raisins, I buy two. Elder Hem is my MTC "other" son. It is wonderful, and he wrote us a letter in very broken English expressing his gratitude. So, TWO batches of cookies, two boxes to fill, two letters to write, two of everything...every week. It has been a labor...of love! This is their final week. On Monday, they fly from Utah, to San Francisco, to South Korea (ummm...that little guy in North Korea who has recently been threatening to incinerate South Korea had better re-think...Mommas don't take too kindly to some goofball threatening their sons!) Postage will be awful...and long...so cookies might not be to frequent...or very tasty. (The reason I sent them every week is that I promised cookies for my other missionary sons...A promise is a promise!) Yesterday, my final trip with two boxes addressed to the MTC Mailbox #303 Kor-Dae 0508 with chocolate peanut butter chip, and white chocolate cranberry cookies (freezer dough cleanout), a pepperoni stick, two grapefruit, two oranges, Elder Rice's favorite California Earthquake Potato Chips - went on a special trip to get another bag, but Smart and Final had no more, so Elder Hem gets Cheetos-, thoughts and scriptures I type and print, and two fruit snacks. Tomorrow, the Cinco de Mayo package, with chips, salsa, Elder Rice's favorite hot sauce, spicy caramel corn, and mini sombreros and mustaches will be in the mail. So...my time should be more available. Heck, since my nest abruptly emptied on February 22nd, I have more time on my hands than I realize. Blog will probably be as boring as I am! Anyway, keep that kid in your prayers. It's a long flight. And my kids all know that, though I am much better when Dad has to travel, his trip to and from India was hard...though I get LOTS of work done.
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