Monday, May 28, 2012

Iksan South Korea Monday May 28, 2012

Another Great week here! I got to baptize our investigator! It was awesome! Very difficut to say in Korean but i did it. Ya it was great. He is super excited. His family really likes us so maybe we can teach them, and get them in the church too ya. 

So the professor here he has this theory that most things can be cured without medicine. So for tmj, its this like things you pur in your mouth 4 hours a day and it like makes your jaw correct itself! wow. Ya I want one. Ya and we taught one investigator he has been reading the Book of Moron for awhile. This was the first time I met with him. but ya we taught the Plan of Salvation and he was really into it. He wanted to keep learning  more and more. Awesome! He really loved how people get to hear the gospel after we die. I think because his father died and he missed him. It was great. He spoke great English so if he didnt understand my Korean, I would speak English haha. 

I went on splits  (splits are when the missionary companions - Elder Lee and Elder Rice - split off and go out with either members of the ward or other missionaries) 2 times this week.  Both times I learned a lot! One elder talks to everyone we see. It was great! He goes home soon, so it was great to learn from him. He helped me with things to say. He said something really awesome: "Everyone we talk to, we give the chance to hear the gospel.'" He said we need to give them every chance we can. And if they don't accept it, we give them a message card, so maybe they will see it someday and call us. So, it made me want to talk with everyone. It's sad there are so many more people that dont accept us than do. They dont understand. If only they could that this isn't just a church you go to once a week. They see it as some hobby some people have. Its not. This is our eternal lives! It's so easy to get caught up in life; it seems like this is it. But when we think of our life;  this is a blink in our existence. I have been thinking that a mission is like our life on earth. A mision is 2 years; very little amount compared to a lifetime, right? So our life on earth is our mission and it helps us in the after life. It decides what we will be after this life. Cool right? 

So ya, we ate with the bishop. Very good food. His wife cooks great Bulgogi!  I gotta learn Korean manners. I was trying to eat like mom taught me and i guess that wrong.  Here, you gotta eat like fast. Like that's how you say it tastes good. She thought I hated the food. We gave the bishop a tie and his wife flowers to thank him and show that we appreciate his hard work. 

So, Doran's car got smashed up. That's not good. He should have bought an American car. That doesn't happen to them haha,.  Dad you would go crazy here! There is granite everywhere! Statues, everything is granite, the sides of the street are granite not cement.  And, its funny when they pour cement, they just put a couple cones by it so everyone walks in it and rides their bike across it. So you see cement with footprints and tire marks in it everywhere. haha.

The dump trucks here so cool. There are 4 tires in the front all of them turn .

This week I had that Bulgogi. I really liked it. I also had more bi beem bop and kimchi bokem bop. You asked what bokem bop was its like rice and veggies, and seasonings like fried rice sorta.  Be beem  bop has rice and this red spicy sauce, then tons of veggies and you stir it around. Yall have to come here and i can show you all this someday haha.

We have this one person that comes to our English class that we want to make an investigator. He wants to hike with us, so maybe we can hike and share the gospel haha He's trapped jkjk ya. 

 Little kids are funny. They like saying hello and nice to meet you and that. and shaking hands. Its awesome.

Hey I couldn't find our apartment on the map  We live in Pu Son Dong  in the Hyundai Apartments. That may help. Korea cities are divided in dongs here. 

I almost am done with the Book of Mormon again. I finished 4th Nephi. Wow that part is sad. Amazing how they can go bad so quick. And. after Mormon and like 250,000 died in that battle wow. Its amazing. They just needed to repent and they would have been saved and they refused. How could they have done that? Its so easy. They had scriptures say the exact things, and it happened so many times. They repent and are saved. How can they forget so quickly. How can we forget so quickly? Why do we have to have something bad happen to turn to the Lord? Why do we forget our blessings so quick, and turn to sin so fast. People are weird, but they never change. And if we repent and turn to Heavenly Father we will be saved in life which is a huge battle. 

Also members are so important in missionary work! Oh my... everyone needs to be talking to people and giving the missionaries referrals. Its so important. The Lord needs every one He can in His army. Satan has so many on his side; a third of the host of heaven - they dont get tired or need to eat and they are always focused on their purpose. 56,000 missionaries that get homesick and  hungry and tired cannot fight on their own. Everyone needs to do missionary work....just a spiritual thought for the week.

Tomorrow is Zone Conference.  Yea! I get to learn more. It will be great. Everyone has to write 2 talks: one on the First Vision and the other on charity.  I got Charity finished  and i will try to do First Vision by memory haha if i get called.

Its hard to talk to people in the ward. I can't think of things to say. So i stand there quiet. It's annoying. I want to talk.  I have a hard time talking to people... like its a super struggle to talk to regular peole, but members it like super hard. What should I do. (any suggestions, especially from the former full time missionaries reading would be greatly appreciated!)

I love you all and hope you all are safe and well. Its stating to get warm here and we dont have a/c haha. Lots of fans, though. Love you all so much. Please take care of Jessica too .

To answer your questions:

 Elder Lee:  he always tells me how I can get better which is awesome. I hate i,t at first. Then I try what he says and learn so much! So thats my favorite thing about him. 

Favorite things i ate last week? Kimchi bokem bop.

We eat sugar frosted flakes of corn for breakfast: 2 boxes for 5500 won. That's a deal.  

What do we do on p-day?  Uh we're lame. I cleaned the bathroom. Didnt have money for fun stuff. haha Next week maybe some sport or ice skating i think.

Pictures attached:

Oh the one picture:  Koreans grow plants with the black plastic like dad does! Thought he would like seeing it. 
And the one is most of our ward haa.

That's all 

Love Elder Rice

Oh, it is Buddah's birthday today!

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