Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pre-Mothers' Day

We had a pizza party for the Moms...Nano, Grandma, and Liz Wallin (who will be celebrating Jade's Masters' Degree in Boston) on the Sunday before Mothers' Day. (Makes my Mothers' Day soooo much easier. With a missionary, I will get a Mothers' Day call, though, since he hasn't even been there 24 hours yet, I doubt the logistics of a phone call will be possible. No matter...I talked to him yesterday when he was about to board the plane...he sounded awesome, both in English and Korean! On Mothers' Day, the choir is singing, so I have to get up very early, get ready, get to choir practice, then go to church for three hours, and the last hour, when I sing in the nursery, I come home happy, but exhausted (picture 15 very happy children, and one 51 year old woman, singing, "Hop little bunnies ...hop hop hop" while doing the said hopping. We are talking nap time. Then, no cooking. No cleaning. Just relaxing! Maybe, just maybe, if I am very, very good...I will get to see three little angels on a Skype call...hint hint) Anyway, we made least ten. Dee made. Wade made. Nano decorated. Liz decorated.

 And now, for another episode of "Ethan's Photo Stylings".

He said that if Morgan ever went missing, we could give the police this picture because it really is the only way we see him. Brotherly love...

 Jade and James brought the nicest Edible Arrangement...with the sweetest card!

We took some group pics...

The Wallins
The Family with Grandma (Ethan swiped Nano's cane!)

With Nano

Afterward, I cleaned up...took about two hours. Heck, pizza is not a clean thing, but oh so worth it when you try it. I do miss Nate's, though. He would roll the crust paper thin, and pile on the veggies...with very little cheese. I think I may cry... Nope. Wouldn't have it any other way!

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