Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Precious Joshy Spit

I am a Grammy who Love love loves her grandkiddos. Three of them live in Las Vegas. We talk, we text, we Skype, but when they are here, I live "Grammy" and, since I have no drool covered windows, when Joshy stood in my windowsill waaaaay too long ago, I preserved this prize of Grammy-hood...Precious Joshy Spit.

 (Imagine here a clear window with a beautiful green lawn and flowers growing in the flower bed. The white boards are added only to illustrate)

 I circled it on the window, so no one would wash the window (really, not much of an effort to keep people from washing the window...not a throng of folk running for the windex)

 I love looking at that...every single day.

 Well, I walked by, recently, and found...
I don't know why my crazy camera took a mirror-image...help sweet son, Doran...but it says "Precious Dad Spit" and the kids were really grossed out that they could tell the lips, nose tip, and tongue images.

 A few days later, I found ...

 And really, when I confronted Ethan, he didn't realize his ol' Dad had beat him to the punch...seems there was some collusion going on.

 Anyway, I really cannot hold my head up in any self respecting Relief Society meeting (though I am in nursery during Relief Society...my best buds are 18 month to 3 year olds! Just love Henry, Tenney, Cannon, Londyn, Eden, Parker, Carter, Weston, Lucy, Dane, Will, Kennady, Sophie,  Brett, Casen, Samantha, Max,...oh, too many to mention, but they are my besties!) with a window like this... So, time to wash.

 Goodbye Precious Joshy Spit.
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