Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Modern Day Pioneer Trial

We have been having CRAZY vehicle troubles. Thing after thing. We planned to go to Vegas, with a load to Allison and Mike...and our van transmission started leaking. That was too much for two old folks like us, so off we headed to the shop. While our vehicle was being repaired, our only remaining vehicle, the Jeep, decided to go crazy...It was quite an experience...(one that still of August 19, the Jeep STILL does not work and the part is in transit here) As we stood, night after night, in the intense Arizona heat, trying to fix that car, I thought about those pioneers...animals getting sick, injuries, wheels breaking, bad weather, cold weather, and no one to call on, but the Lord, for help, I am so thankful for them. They didn't give up, as I am ready to do with this vehicle. They worked, and walked, and sang and prayed, and came out to a new land in the West to start a new community...and a new way of life. I could go into an air conditioned house, and sleep in a dry bed when my wheels weren't working out. The van is our only transportation, and it eats a lot of gas, and is big like a covered wagon...but I am thankful for it. 

Cleaning fuel injectors...for the first time. After this, he rigged up a battery and made them actually inject. Though he has cleaned them three times (and I dare say we could eat off them fuel injectors now) the Jeep does not work. 

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