Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Suzzy...

Traditional Thunderbird Park Hike...

Lunch out at Chinese buffet with Kayty...I even tried kimchi

Fireworks on the front porch...watching Wet and Wild Waterpark...a mile from our home.

Temps in the lower 90's...amazing!

Not so good...Uncle Ethan and Aunt Cam were in Vegas visiting the Wilkins family. On July 3rd, I received a text:  "Are you 100?"  I explained to sweet Gracie that no, I was not that old (though I must truly look that old) and that I was born on the first day the American flag flew with 50 stars...Hawaii was added...July 4, I was 52. Then, I asked if Uncle Ethan told her I was reply.

Ethan did wish me a Happy 100th! I sure should have been in the Guiness Book...since that would make me 70 when I gave birth to him!

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