Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dee's a Hero...

Dee has always been my hero! He can do absolutely anything! I cannot even begin to enumerate all the whims I come up with that he turns to reality...living room tile, pizza oven...and he can repair anything!!! Yep, he is my hero. He has always been the kind of guy that can see a problem and looks immediately for a solution (Yes, ladies, that means I have to constantly remind my self not to 'vent' to him. He doesn't listen, he solves). At home. And at work. He has been at Honeywell for most of 33 years. He began as a machinist trainee...then a machinist, a tool room machinist, a Six Sigma Blackbelt, and on up to his present position as a Supplier Development Engineer, where he works with outside suppliers to get airplane engine parts to assembly and engines to their contracted purchasers. A lot of problems come up. And, not to brag, he can look at a part...and see what the solution is. He did this in December, so that 15 multi-million dollar engines could ship on time. And, he was awarded the Chairman's Award for doing such. It is really a rare award...only two people in his group have ever received it. Honeywell is multi-national. His pic was on the website for a week. He received a $500 bonus (after taxes, enough to buy his dream meat slicer on Craigslist). He met the heads of the company. He was invited to special meals and celebrations. He was awarded this.

Truly is a hero...in every respect.

Congrats, honey. We are so very proud!!!

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