Saturday, July 21, 2012

What's A Haboob?

 When I was a kid, we would be playing out in front of our house, with the other neighbor kids in the cul-de-sac on warm July evenings. We would notice a breeze, look up, see a wall of dust, figure it was a dust storm, and go inside until it passed. I even remember Summer Softball Games at St. Louis the King Church ball field, where the dust would come in a wall, we would run to the cars with lawn chairs in hand, it would blow dust like crazy and we would return to our ballgame in a few minutes. Now, with helicopters and I-phones and tv "meteorologists" from Washington, a dust storm is now referred to as a "haboob" and even makes national television coverage. Here is one that came on July 21st. Sadly, after this one was a huge rainfall...rain lasting an hour here...that kinda took Kayty's Party City Pool Party to a Party City Porch Party, but they still cooked pizza in the pizza oven and had fun.

Perhaps Kayty, not the rain and flash flooding, was the reason for some of her guests being too fearful to come! jkjk

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