Friday, May 15, 2009

Nasty Little Thing

Now, I am all for the wonderful things that the Lord has blessed us with (except for okra). Most of the Lord's creatures have a glorious purpose to help us (though I still lack an understanding of the value of snakes!)and I know that bees are the great pollinators...but what the heck. I was innocently relaxing in my pool when a searing pain, starting near my arm pit, aroused me from my respite. A nasty ol' bee got in my pool...apparantly seeking liquid refreshment...and stung me! Fortunately, I appear to be unallergic...just sore headed...and sore pitted!!!


Danyel said...

Sorry you hurt. My mom use to put baking powder or soda and mix it with water and put it on it helps with the pain and will pull the stinger out if its still in there.

Grammy Suzzy for Home blog and Doran for HotAz Nites said...

Fortunately, Dad was right there, and, even though he can only use one hand, he got it out. I had a pretty good night, and, as long as I don't carry my purse on that side, I am fine. Thanks for the info. though. It was my first sting, and, I hope, my last!