Thursday, May 28, 2009

Powdered Milk

An amazing thing occurred today: I used my powdered milk to actually make something. Now, this may not shock anyone else, but I have observed that many Mormons, me included, purchase some food items-trying to be obedient and have a years' supply of food-but fail to utilize those products. For me, it was powdered milk. Sure, I would put a couple of tablespoons into my bread machine when I was making bread, but nothing of any quantity. Well, today, Nate was bothered that we had no chocolate pudding mixes in the pantry. So, I remembered that, at one time, people used to make their puddings from I searched the Internet and found a recipe for homemade chocolate pudding on And, after I put my chunky powdered milk in the blender with some of the warm water, and then returned it to the bowl, I made pudding! (and, it wasn't burned....sorry Mom! But throughout my childhood, my mom tried and tried to cook chocolate pudding, but never succeeded in not burning it!! I told her she just needed a microwave!) So, I can now make pudding using my food supply. Success!!!!

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