Sunday, June 7, 2009

How Was Your Week?

Someone yesterday asked me (I am so sorry if it is you who asked me...I am so frazzled and worn out that I just plain forgot!)"How was your first week of Summer off?" I thought...and thought...Yes, it sure was the first week Nathan did not have school...the first week I didn't have to drive. But, what really happened? Nathan had football camp at Arizona State University. I originally was going to have to drive there and back (out to hour or more away during rush hour!). Good news, though, was that a group of great, wonderful football moms created a carpool. Hence, I only had to get Nate to school at 6:30 a.m. and pick him up at 12:45 p.m. So, I drove to and from his school Monday thru Wednesday...twice a day, just like during school. Then, on Thursday, he had EFY (our ward had been invited by another stake to what they initially said was EFY, but turned out to be an imitation youth conference...a good event, but since our budget is soooo tight, Nate could only attend during the day and didn't spend the night...saved a good amount of $...but he really didn't have that much fun, nor did he get the edifying experience others who could stay all night did...but, I digress...) Again, a wonderful angel in my ward, whose hubby is also facing work furlough, wanted to carpool. I was the drive there mom...Thursday, Nate had football workout for an hour before he had to be at Youth Conference. So, after a car switch, due to battery trouble, I got Brian, and drove them to school...then went to sit and wait for in the Food Bank purchase line (cool weather, wonderful company, and great veggies and fruits when the doors open) while my sweet Mom drove the boys on to the youth conference...another trip to school, mind you. Friday, same routine...but I drove directly TO youth conference...

So, to sum it all up, I drove every day, just like during the school year. This week, he has football workouts everyday, except Friday. Then next week FIRST week of Summer vacation comes...June 15????

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