Sunday, June 28, 2009

Falcon Football Party

We had a great night...Nathan's football team came over for a party: swimming, volleyball, foosball, Dad's great pulled pork, and Grandma's wonderful brownies. It came out just great...parents sent chips and salads, one of Nate's teammmate's parents stayed and we had a great visit... though we do need to find a way to get more guys out here...five couldn't get here (school is ten miles from our house). When they got here, the temps were in the 108 degree range, and those crazy guys guessed it...playing football. We parents found it odd, until we realized that they were playing for FUN! During the week, they have WORK football.
I would have loved to show you some pics, but Nathan refuses to let me photograph the team or the party, so just imagine the fun, and heat!

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