Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Son In Law: What a Dad!

Moms worry about lots of things: what their kids will learn while riding on the kindergarten school bus, what their kids will say about them to their teachers, parent teacher conferences, if they will make it to their destination alive the fist time they drive alone, high school finals, track meet results, whether they will have fun at the prom, and...where, and to whom they will marry. Well, my sweet wonderful Allison sure made a choice that I have never had to have a worry about... my sweet son in law, Mike. I knew he loved her when she had her wisdom teeth pulled, and I awoke to find him sitting by her side, caring for her. I knew he loved her as he gazed at her across an altar in the temple and married her for time and for all eternity. I knew he loved her when she had miscarried, and, through his grief, he carried a huge mattress down from the upstairs of their condo to the bottom floor so she could rest comfortably. I knew he loved her when he held her hand through days of labor, and then the news that their baby would be delivered by C-section early, and there were worries about his lungs. And then, I knew he loved her, and his new son, when I saw him walking down that hospital hallway, carrying what I first thought was a pile of blankets, but, as he drew nearer, saw that it was our perfectly wonderful Adam. He was a Dad in the truest sense of the word. And, Mike still is today.

Mike is such a wonderful Daddy. He sets such a good example for Adam and Grace. He works training others for gainful work and careers at Deseret Industries in Vegas. He does not get paid all he is worth, but the lessons he shares with my grandbabies are priceless treasures! They help with treats to take to his fellow workers. They have helped straighten things in the store. They get to share Thanksgiving with the most special group of people, and they learn that it is not how much you have, but how much you give that is important! It is hard to have family away. It is hard to have to be so far when your car doesn't, and you feel awful, and the kids are needing, and yet Mike never lets anyone know when things may get overwhelming. He just does his very best, and then prays for help when he just can't do more. He is a spiritual man. He was there in Flagstaff when Kayty was in intensive care, being treated for diabetic ketoacidosis, when we didn't even know she was diabetic, to help give her a priesthood blessing. He was there when we needed help on dances and he and Allison became our second dj system. He is there for our family, every time, and will do everything he can to help.

Mike is a fantastic Daddy. He is the one who flies kites with my grandbabies. He is the one that sleds with them. He is the one that feeds them not so good things to eat. He is the one that holds them when they are sick, that teaches them to play Lego Star Wars and other xbox games that have boats racing on them. He takes them bowling. He takes them to the park. He is just the best Daddy, and I never worry that he will not do all in his power to make sure that little family has everything it needs, both temporally and spiritually!

Thank you Mike. You are a dream son in law. You are the best Daddy. Thank you for loving Adam, and Grace, and my sweet baby, Allison. You have been an answer to prayer from the first time we heard of you. You have endured much torment from your brothers in law...thank you for sticking it out, and for being the Greatest! Happy Fathers' Day!

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