Monday, June 22, 2009

Something I Need To Remember!

I am a control freak...bad thing for our life and circumstances. I often can stay in control...for awhile...but then I lose it. I saw this today, and I thought it was so wonderful, at least for me, that I had to share! I am printing this up, and hanging it on my cabinet over the washing machine, and by the pantry, and on my mirror, and...well, you get the picture!

Respond with purpose

What upsets you is not what happens.
What upsets you is your response to what happens.
Just as easily as you respond in a negative way,
you can easily and naturally respond in a
positive, empowering, uplifting way.
The biggest problems are often caused by
what you choose to do about the smallest problems.
Most of those big, painful problems are so unnecessary.
Keep reminding yourself that you are in control of you.
You are in control and you can decide
exactly how you wish to feel at any point.
Imagine the power of remaining calm and focused
and resourceful when some totally unexpected,
disappointing development interrupts your day.
Truly, you can make the disappointments not disappointing at all.
Respond on purpose, with purpose.
Feel the power and the joy as every moment gives you a way to move forward.

Ralph Marston

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Jane said...

I love the message in your blog header and this poem goes along so nicely with that. This week we learned of four friends who are going through hardship. I have absolute faith that two of them are responding well. The other two are in my prayers and I need to remind myself to respond on purpose with purpose. Thanks for this meaningful post.