Sunday, June 7, 2009

Did You Ever Notice

Did you ever notice that, many times, blessings come from our Heavenly Father in ways that we may not notice unless we are looking. Case in point: my dead battery. I walked out the door on Thursday morning...had to go and get Nate's good friend, get them to Nate's school for his football workout for an hour...went to start the car, and....DEAD. I was running I ran in, asked Dee, and switched cars quickly. I was only 30 seconds late for his workout, too! What was the great blessing is that the battery died...IN OUR DRIVEWAY!!! It was a simple fix. We had another car ready to replace, and Dee had an extra battery (uses when they go fishing...some sort of underwater lighting attracts minnows that attract striped bass), so he could get mine running and get to work on time. The challenge was there, but the fix was there too. Dee and I remarked later that we have been blessed over and over lately in this way. We have older cars, which need repairs at times. However, every time there has been a problem, we have been where we could fix it, most often in our own driveway!! Blessings are there...we just have to Notice!

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