Sunday, June 7, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday: Ten Things I Love About Summer

My friend makin' Monday challenge is to write down ten of the things I love about Summer. Now, I live in Phoenix, Arizona...where we call a 90 degree day in June a cold front! However, there are some good things...I just hope I can come up with ten!
1. I get to be warm! I just hate being cold. I hate running in the cold wind. I hate it when I eat my salad at lunch and I have to cover up with a blanket. Summer means no more being cold!! (Except at Church...I just can't figure out how Sacrament Meeting is always sooooo cold!)
2. Eating sugar free banana popsicles! I love them year around,, don't tell anyone, because this is just nutty...I have to sometimes turn the heater on in the car and eat them out there in the Winter. Not in Summer, though.
3. Swimming! I love our pool, and I love coming home from a hot run or hike and being able to just jump in and cool off.
4. School is out! I have always, always loved it when my kids didn't have school. Schedules could relax. No one had to be in bed early, or up early. (Now, I have not had this yet for Nathan. We are on week 2 of Summer, and we will be on the road tomorrow at 5:30 Am for football.)
5. Gardens. We have a great garden this year, and I just love crawling around searching for ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, and such. We even have watermelon growing!
6.Summer clothing is less bulky, so laundry is smaller. (I am starting to stretch in the loving department.)
7.Vacations. Well, ours will, again, be very minimalist. Finances do not allow for anything fancy.I guess Dee and I will just go camping somewhere, sometime.It would be fun to take bikes.
8. Longer Days. The sun is up earlier, which makes my runs a little less scarey, especially since I saw some guys out walking a couple of times the last two weeks and it has made me very hesitant to go run in the dark. Plus, if it is not blazing hot, we have more time to get projects done outside.
9.Yummy veggies. I love veggies, and there are some great Summer ones: bell peppers, cucumbers (our Garden ones are just fantastic!)
10. Summer means that Fall and Christmas are just that much closer!

There...I did it. Now, I think it might have been easier for me to find ten things I dislike about Summer, i.e. no baking, waking up hot at night (may be my age, too!), hot car seats, 100 degree nights, no grocery shopping in the middle of the day because everything will either melt or spoil...but it is good to think positive...right?


Tina said...


Loved your list and I love banana popsicles too!!!

Yes summer means Christmas is just that much favorite holiday.

Happy FMM!

Lins said...

Great list, Suzzy! Happy FMM!

"FINE"al thoughts... said...

Hey, you did it! Good job for coming up with 10 good things about an Arizona summer. BTW, I M LDS 2! Happy FMM!

J.J. said...

I love gardening...problem is that we are going to be gone most of this summer and I couldn't take care of it :( Bummer. I love to dig in the dirt and grow stuff!!!!

Happy FMM! Nice to meet you!