Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Refilled and Refreshed

I am the worst kind of Grammy...the kind that just cannot live without her grandbabies! They have lived away for much, if not all of their lives, but not too far for me to get to in a few hours, thanks to a wonderful hubby who drives me there, especially when I am about to drive him nuts! I spent this last weekend reading with a kindergarten grad (who, by the way, is such an awesome reader! I was jut flabbergasted at the reading level he is at! But, I should not be surprised. Adam has always been just that kind of learner, and teacher. He even taught me, when still a babe, how to turn off my computer, and how to start our ceiling fan!!) and a sweet princess, who finds wonder and happiness in just about everything (except being awakened early on a Monday morning so that the family could have fun and bowl for a dollar a game...but had to happen before 8 am!) I hugged, and kissed, and loved, and watched, and snuggled. I played star wars light saber, pretended I was a cow in the lawn, watched the most awesome primary talk given by any grandson on the planet (hey, I am a Grammy...I cannot be biased!! He did give an awesome talk, and read it, and held up pics all by himself!!) I had to be brave when we had to return home...tears from Grammy cannot help matters...and "Grammy Bags" at home make it not so hard to see us go...but thank you, Allison, Mike, and Dee, for enduring me. I am now filled and refreshed again, but never will 4 months pass without me hugging and kissing and watching and listening and just sitting in awe and gratitude to a loving Father in heaven for blessing my life with such a tremendous blessing...to be a Grammy to such perfect grandbabies. And, to you, my sweet Charles, who sits waiting for all of us, I cannot wait to hug you, to kiss you (on the head, of course, if you are like Adam!) and to just be in wonder and awe and amazement at the son of God you are.


Annie Miller said...

I wish our kids' grammies were closer :)

Danyel said...

Mom thank you so much for including Charles. I often feel like I am the only one that misses him. Your kind words are so welcomed. Thank you.