Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Wonderful Sons...The Very Best Brothers and Uncles...Happy Fathers' Day

When you think of Fathers' Day, your mind, of course, goes to your dad, your grandfather, and we are, of course, so thankful for them. However, we have other unsung heroes..."dads" of a sort. They are the ones that throw you high in the air and catch you, even when your mom is not very happy about it. They are the ones that push you high on the swing. They walk in the room, when you are very small, and scare you so that you nearly jump out of your skin, and do it over...and over...and over, and you nearly jump out of your skin every time. They are the ones that sneak you licks of a dum-dum sucker. They are the ones that fill water balloon after water balloon after water balloon for you, then teach you to throw it on dad's car, and at Grammy, and then take the blame when one hits the upstairs neighbor's car. They are the ones that play games with you, that run with you, That give you too much candy and too little vegetables, that push you on a bike, that carry you to your mommy when you are hurt...They are...your uncles. My sons...Ethan, Doran, Morgan, and...yes, even Nathan...are the greatest uncles!!They all just adore Adam and Grace, and do anything they can to see them, to play with them, and to just love them. I don't know if they really set a good example for them, but they sure do show them just what fun means, what caring means...and what it means to love! Happy Fathers' Day, Uncle Ethan, Uncle Doran, Uncle Morgan, and Uncle Nathan!

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