Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Being Teachable

In Sunday School, we learned about temples, about the early members of the L.D.S Church in Kirtland, Ohio. They were in dire circumstances-most did not have a home built, crops in, or even a livelihood established. They were also ever on the watch due to persecution in the area. And yet they were commanded to build a temple...and build it right away. What an awesome command it must have been to many. How humbled they must have felt. And yet, they were willing, and ready, and obedient. The Lord had promised that He would pour out His Spirit upon them, and would bless them with power from on High. There, they would receive the teachings they would need to guide them.
So, humbling experiences can be an opportunity for learning, for guidance, for listening. Those answers, as I have seen, don't always come right away. We may have to wait, and wait, and pray, and then wait some more. Being humbled can break us, unless we stop, and see that what is happening is not necessarily a pronouncement of our "lot in life", forever, but, rather, our humbling, so that the Lord can build us, and pour out His Spirit upon us, and give us the teachings that we will need to guide us.

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