Thursday, May 14, 2009

Remember Imelda Marcos? Watch Out!!

Since Kayty was a baby, she has adored shoes! All kinds. She loved to wear them, to look at them. When she was fussy, I would look at shoes and she would calm right down. Well, that was when she was a baby, but her obsession is now becoming a bit ridiculous! I was just cleaning a little yesterday...she is taking finals, having juries, etc. (and her room is beginning to drive me bonkers...I need order!)so I thought I would just pick up a few things. I looked under her bed...and found these: seven pairs of shoes. Now, mind you, this is just a small portion of her vast collection. These, apparantly, would not fit on her shelf. (I even found one shoe that had "kami-kaziied" off the shelf and into her snack stash box!)
So, I went to my closet, got ALL the shoes I own...
and that includes the nice white athletic shoes I only wear one day a year in the Fiesta Bowl Parade, and the white dress shoes that I wore for Allison's wedding-Earl (the bunion) hates them, but I keep for just in case...All the shoes I own EQUAL the shoes she keeps under her bed!!!
We discussed downsizing her collection...but, she NEEDS them, she assures me. I fear she will have to knock out a wall and add on to her very small closet (Allison will attest to the small closet size!)or maybe add a shoe wing. What will Dee say? While he is being downsized and outsourced, his daughter's shoe collection is doing the opposite. Hey, we were talking in the pool yesterday, wondering what he should do for the rest of his working life, when he is finally laid off soon...maybe shoe sales? He did used to like watching Al Bundy...

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