Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tribute To My Daughter: Truly, The Best Mom In The World!

I wanted to make a card, but there was just nothing I could make, or buy, or do that could pay the proper tribute to my daughter, Allison...the mother of my grandbabies, the wife of my favorite son in law, and truly, the Best Mother In The World! So, as I listened to the Tabernacle Choir they sang, "There is beauty all around, when there's love at home..." I looked at their blog, smiled, laughed, cried... and decided to just pay a small tribute to her here.
Allison truly exemplifies what a Mom is. She wanted to be a mom for a long time. After she and Mike were married, they wanted to start a family. They waited and prayed, endured more than one miscarriage, and, with patience and faith, she, Mike, and all of our family have been blessed with Adam and Grace. She does not ever take for granted these special blessings the Lord has placed in her care.

Allison is a Magical mom. She makes every holiday an advenure. Leprechauns come to their home. Fireworks light up the night sky. Birthdays start with a special banner on the wall proclaiming the special day...dinner is special, cakes come just as the birthday boy, girl, or man has desired. Halloween is filled with activities, from monster dessert cups to Haunted Gingerbread houses. Christmas is filled with decorations, and spiritual events. THeir Living Nativity is a tradition she has started and it is a treasure.
Allison is an "Other Person" thinker. She is always, with my precious grandbabies, thinking of someone else. They started early in their marriage being the October Phantom, leaving treats on others' doorsteps in secret. Now, they do this for many holidays.She feeds missionaries. She serves her ward tirelessly...she is the "go to" gal for everything from meals to decorations, and she does it all with my grandbabies at her side, learning to be selfless, just as she is.

Allison is a Teacher. She is a voracious reader, and has shared that love of books with her younger sister, and now her children. She takes them to the library...that is their special treat every week. She does color days, science projects, gardens, and even ant farms. She teaches them the Gospel. She is faithful in sharing the Gospel with them, whenever she sees the opportunity
Allison is a Homemaker...a homemaker extrordinaire! She makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies on the planet. She loves to try new things, even if Adam is not so appreciative. (He is not a culinary adventurer) She even makes Priesthood Session of General Conference a treat...When Daddy comes home, they share a special dessert as Mike shares what he learned that night. She is always looking for ways to share healthy recipes with her family. Her home is filled with love. You can feel it when you walk in the door. I believe that, even if they lived in a tent, it would feel like a temple filled with love. She sews, she scrapbooks...she makes memories...treasured ones.
Allison is an Example. She loves the Lord. She loves her husband. She loves her children. She loves her family. She sets the example, lovingly and patiently, for all her family to follow. I never hear anything but good about everyone she encounters. She sees the best in all: all people, all situations. She never lets anything get her down. Mind you, this is not to say she has had it easy. She has faced many, many challenges. However, she does not let anything stand in her way. She does not let discouragement, distress, illness, financial challenges, school, or anything get her down. She has lived on a dime, and smiled, while having two c-sections, while finishing her PR degree. She is amazing!
Allison is a Righteous Mother. She loves her family with all her heart, through all markers, oreo cookies, car troubles. She lives away from all her family...both sides. She has to do it all, and she often has to do it on her own. She has spent hours in prayer over health challenges, job challenges, and just mom worries. She is close to our Heavenly Father, and knows WHOM to turn to.
I know I could write volumes about her. She is truly a wonderful, wonderful daughter. I miss her so much, but she seems to know just when I need ... a call, a text, a wonderful entry on her blog. She is truly the best...I hope to be like her someday!!!! Thank you, my dear sweet Allison, for loving all of us, and for taking care of my precious Adam and Grace. I am NEVER worried that they are not getting the very, very best of everything, for you, my sweet daughter, are their Mommy!!


Robin said...

This made me tear up. How beautiful and so are also a wonderful mom.
All Things Heart and HOme

gibkidsmom said...

What a wonderful mom YOU are for writing such a sweet tribute to your daughter. I have always loved Allison- grateful that she was one of my Young Women that I could count on and that wasn't causing trouble. I'm not in the slightest bit surprised at what an amazing mom she has become. She's had a great example!