Thursday, May 21, 2009

Writer's Workshop

It was a challenge for me to pick one of MamaKat's Writing Prompts for my first writing efforts (trying many things to find something to be passionate about - midlife crisis goal #1)Here are my choices:

1.) Share a love letter. (I do have a love letter from Dee...somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. He put a love letter in a bottle and threw it off a boat when he was on a business trip in Guaymas, Mexico a few years ago. He even put money in it, to make it easier for the finder to return it to far, I have pics of the bottle, and of him throwing it off the boat, but no response. So, I wait...)

2.) Memorial Day Weekend plans?? Do share! (We are pretty calm people on holiday weekends...Nathan has a stugo party to chaperon at his school, Kayty works, we will try to yard sale, get some yard work done...and then some friends are coming to dinner on Monday night, but pretty calm!)

3.) List ten things you are currently sick of. (APS and their flimsy explanations for how they charge for solar power...I think they are cheating us!, headaches, discord, the present political status--and the results of the last election that just keep getting worse and worse, waiting to be layed off from work, Earl the bunion, teenage boys walking the streets at 4:00 A.M. and ruin my run because they scare me to death as I see their figures down the street and turn around and run home, not seeing Allison and Mike and Adam and Grace - I need grandbaby hugs something fierce,...) I guess that's about it, and I am two shy of the ten.

4.) Put an outfit together using pictures you found online and show us what you'd LIKE to be wearing today. (I am sooo not into this at all!!)

5.) What have you been too busy to pay attention to? (Well, I am a list person, whether mental or physical, and so I just have a kind of natural ability to prioritize...however, my bedroom always gets put off, and it is a dust bowl, with a bathroom with magazines I have yet to read or get to, and, well, it just makes me sad. Note to self: my bedroom gets attention, once school is out and Spring football is over, and Kayty gets her own vehicle so I can walk with Dee instead of pick her up from work, and... well, I guess I will just do my best)

Well, this writing effort is nothing more than answering questions...rather like an interrogation that I give my kids after school or a prom or a date. Hey, maybe this is a kind of payback for my incessant curiosity when they are trying to study for a test on Fahrenheit 454 on the way to school, or trying to take a quick nap while I drive. I promise a better effort, and a better result next time!

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