Monday, March 16, 2009

Bright Spots

I have had a couple of challenging weeks. And, so often, it is easy for one to wallow in self-pity and sadness, rather than see the silver lining in the clouds. I am finally seeing some lining, so I thought I would share some bright spots...
Monday - finally made my "stacker" for St. Patrick's Day and Spring. I couldn't afford the kit, so I had Dee cut me some old wood and I painted it and then copied a font I liked off the computer, traced it, and painted it myself!
Monday - Morgan came by...has a job selling Kirby Vacuums...great product.
Monday - didn't get my regular work done but, they messed up the house when Nate, Morgan, etc. came in and out fixing bikes, so I didn't get mad at them messing up my newly mopped floor...because it wasn't.
Sunday - Dee cooked Chicken and Snow Peas for dinner. Peas were from our garden and tasted amazing! He makes the best Chinese...better than anyone anywhere!
Sunday - subbed in chorister. Witnessed Heidi Rollins: she is just what a Primary Chorister should be. SSHHHHH...better not let the stake leaders know or they will nab her!!! Great things go on in Primary, and she uses the music to teach principles, and the kids have a great time!
Saturday-I found some great dishes at a yard sale...spring green and turqoise and white. I wanted to say, "No...not a need," but my hubby asked the price and, at 50 cents for each piece, I just couldn't bear not to, so I have 7 dinner and salad plates, 8 bowls, and 4 serving bowls (and no place to put them...too many dishes) but it is amazing how that little purchase changed me.
Saturday- Mom came to visit...lots of fun showing her the photo albums, and just being with her. It's so nice that she lives on this side of town. She saved my life in more ways that one.
Saturday- my sweet 16 year old SON - Nathan - surprised me guessed it, my fav banana popsicles! He rode his bike while I was buying marigold seeds (60 cents worth) all the way to Fry's, wrapped them in numerous paper sacks, an then rode home with them, and surprised me with a yummy treat! What a sweetie.
Friday - BAD DAY but even then, Doran and Danyel were just the best, and they know just what they did!!
Thursday - My daughter has found her passion: music. She loves to sing, and we were able to attend another GCC Choirs Concert. She had a solo and did a fantastic job. We just love to hear her!
Thursday - Cub Scouts - Cole is the only one that can come, and it must be hard to come alone and work with some old lady, but we had a such a good time (at least I did) doing things for the Space elective: making a rocket model, learning about the moon, satellites, and checking out the NASA web site...what a great young man he is. He turns 10 in a couple of weeks...I will miss him.
Wednesday - Nate had a good track meet. He now holds the school record for discus (first year of track for the school, so all records are new, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere...right?)
Tuesday - Talked to my sweet Allison...she just always makes everything better!
Monday - got to actually visit with Ethan and Cameo. I always miss them, so it was so good just to sit and talk and see them. I get to see what they do on Facebook, too, so that makes it so much better.
So, I guess it's not all's just how you look at it. Thank-you, one and all, for being my Bright Spots

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The Willeyes said...

Sounds like some wonderful "bright" spots. Yeah! I wish they did yard sales here like they do there! I miss them. If you are ever at a garage sale and find some great vintage sheets...pick them up for me would ya:)