Friday, March 27, 2009

In My Corner of the World Today


My dear sweet hubby softly snoring as he sits on the couch near me and takes a quick nap. He has spent the whole day working on the yard drip system (1+ acre and many leaks) and monitoring as the electrical portion of our solar power system was hooked up. He leaves in a little over an hour to drive some of our ward's young men out to the temple to perform baptisms for the dead. What a great blessing he is in my life.
The dishwasher runningwhich means that our power has been turned back on. I was nuts this morning when I couldn't wash, dry, blow dry, vacuum, compute, or anything. I love electricity.
Kayty singing. She just adds so much to our home. She is ALWAYS singing something!
Doran and Nathan banging - Nathan is cutting out rusty spots on that 1960 truck he is restoring and then cutting a new piece of metal and welding it in. He has learned sooooo much on this project!!

Tasting -
Pecans - they are so wonderful from Costco!
Banana Sugar Free Popsicle - only a few left before price increase and box size decrease, so I am enjoying every last one!

Seeing -
My beautiful swimming pool and my freshly mown lawn-I sure can't wait for the water to be warmer, though I don't want the temp outside to get warmer!
A house waiting to be vacuumed - at least I will have time when everyone goes out to do my work, though I had wanted to begin making my kids' Christmas gifts...I decided to make something for each one.
Pictures of my sweet family-I am so blessed. My sons married wonderful women...would not trade Cameo or Danyel for all the money in the world! And Mike, my daughter's husband, is simply the best son in law ever. Though my daughter lives in Vegas, I know Mike is there to take care of them, to bless them, and I am comforted. I have the most awesome children in the world, and I am very, very proud of what each and every one has accomplished and of who the are!!! And then there are those sweet, wonderful grandbabies of mine...I think of them all the time, and I miss them, but I gain great happiness knowing how much Allison does to make them happy!

Clean dishes - don't you love that clean dish smell the dishwasher gives!
Cranberry lotion - Kayty just loaded my Christmas stocking with the best Ulta lotion this year. I used up one Hot Cocoa lotion, and now I am on to the nice!
Sloppy joes - dinner before the guys go to the temple

Feeling -
Keys on my keyboard - I love the computer and the opportunity it gives me to share. I would love to write someday, and, while I am totally untrained, at least I get some early practice until I can be educated.
Missing someone...

What are you doing?

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