Friday, March 6, 2009

When It Rains...It Pours!

Life runs rather quickly for all of us. There are times, I remember, when I heard one mom comment that, as she was taking one child someplace, she swore she passed herself driving by the other way with another child! Things had gone well, yesterday, though, so I was fooled into believing it would continue...
I got my stuff out for Cub Scouts, got my shirt on, and then...the phone rings. It's an officer with the Phx. Police Dept., letting me speak with Morgan. He had some "past issues" catch up with him that he had left un-taken-care-of, and he needed ME to go get his bike because he would have a "ride" and be staying "elsewhere" tonight. Oh, my goodness...Cole will be here any minute and I AM NOT CANCELLING!! So, fortunately, Dee walks in from work, and he goes to get the bike. Ok...all is well...I began to have opening prayer, and the doorbell rings. Hoping it was my other cubbie, I race to the door. No, it is the solar panel man coming to measure the patio roof. Okay, Dee will be back soon, so I directed him to where he needed to be, and then said the prayer AGAIN and then got Cole started on his Blue and Gold Banquet invitation. Fortunately, Cole is a GREAT kid, and he enjoyed coloring and doing a real nice job at his invite. The doorbell rings again...this time, it is the Solar Water heater guy, assessing putting the unit in the garage! Again, no Dee yet, so I direct him to the garage, informing him that Dee is a little detained due to a mishap on our older son's part. We finish cubs, Dee arrives, Cole's dad picks him up, and I race down to Nate's school, where I am 45 minutes late to pick him up. I would have gotten there sooner, had not the traffic been backed up at Cactus Road. I finally pull in...his football coach is waiting to go to work (Sheriff Dept. Captain), alone with Nathan. He won't get off until 2 in the morning, and he has to be back at school at 6:00 A.M. for weightlifting. I am a heel, making him late to work!! I get home, throw on dinner, eat, and then run out the door to Verizon with Dee to exchange Kate's broken cell phone. Then back home...I clean up dinner while Dee has a meeting with India on the phone. By 9:00, I am ready to crash. Then a 11:30 call from Morgan at the "holding facility" to make sure we got his bike. What a day!! I hope to not repeat anything like this at all in the near future, at least.


The Willeyes said...

Suzzy-you really did have a rain storm. Hope things are better. Sorry! Hang in there:)

Meg said...

You are so cute Suzzy! I just want you to know that Cole has loved having you for his scouts. He loves colecting the eggs and all the other fun activities you always have ready for him to do. I know it must be hard just doing it with one little cub, but just so you know he loves it and we love what you are doing for him. thank you!