Monday, March 9, 2009

The Trouble With Knives is ...They Always Cut!

This truly has been a MONDAY. Now, in spite of various mishaps this morning, I had the floors mopped the bathroom cleaned, and I was cutting my beloved cauliflower for my fav everyday lunch salad when I slipped and...cut my thumb. Now, I got the bleeding stopped, and it really isn't stitchable, so I bandaged it. But, I feel like I have lost a wing. The rest of the scrubbing has to be done gloved. And I made the mistake of telling Dee, and he is threatening to remove all sharp implements from our household. Now, mind you, he has a right. I have called him hysterically on more than one occasion to come home from work (Honeywell at the airport) and tape me together (thank goodness for butterfly bandages)...I just won't be stitched. He has been very patient, but knives and I don't seem to think the same.

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