Sunday, March 22, 2009


I desperately need to catch up my blog...with pics and events and stories. I even got my camera out to try and post. It just sounded too big a project before church, so I was just checking my google reader when all of a sudden, I found this...

I have always loved "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer" and look forward to seeing it every year! I remember that the very most scarey thing I ever saw, or could think of (only seconded by those flying monkeys in "The Wizard of Oz") was that Abominable Snow Monster. I would hide my head when I watched. I would think of that awful creature at night. I worried over Rudolph and Hermie. It was awful!!

Now, I find a picture of him. Those scarey feelings are remembered, but, now that I really watch, it is kind of a lame monster...nothing that nightmares can be made of...nothing like those Velociraptors in "Jurassic Park" (I still cannot watch them trying to open that door into the kitchen!) Nothing like watching out for snakes on the hiking trail (Adam knows that Grammy just hates snakes!!)

I guess I have progressed...or have I?

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Annie Miller said...

That guy was soooo scary! Braden would agree, although he was glued to the movie (we introduced them to him this year).