Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Sister...My Friend

My sister gets me the nicest things for Christmas! I have the most beautiful temple ornaments she has purchased that I cherish and enjoy each time I hang them on my tree. Last year, she got me the most wonderful sign that I hang by my front door... "The Rices est. 1980". I had always wanted one. This year, she made a clock for me. She didn't get the vinyl ordered for it, and I know how much it will cost, so I just finished the clock hanger and hung it up in the hallway, right outside the bathroom. Every morning, as I go out in the darkness to run, I see that clock...and I remember that I set a goal to say my morning prayers every day, so I go back in my room and say them. She helps me keep my goals that I have set...and she doesn't even know it. And that is not all. She seems to call at just the right time...always when I need to hear from someone who just loves me. She and I are very different...I am planned, she is spontaneous. We complement each other. Who would have thought that this person who used to get into my Barbie Dolls and totally disorganize my cases and boxes of accessories (now, again, she was just enjoying making Barbie beautiful and happy...I wanted everything labeled and organized), who would climb the street light pole with all the neighborhood boys looking on in envy, who forgot her slip to wear under her long dress at my wedding reception, so she had to borrow my short one (made for some interesting pics)...yes, who would have thought that irritating little sister would become my refuge in my storm, my rock (I even used to threaten my kids that if they didn't behave, I would send them to Utah, to Aunt Sharynn, I called her "the rock" so they would learn how to behave), my friend. So, last weekend, I traced a font that I liked off the computer, onto my clock, and painted the words in my favorite green color..."My Sister...My Friend" That seems to say it all! I love you, Sharynn!!!

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The Willeyes said...

You guys are awesome. Aren't sisters the best:) We're all lucky to have them!