Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Trip To School

I am in better spirits now, so I can think back to this morning and our daily drive. First, Kayty was getting some gum, and read some personalized license plate suggestions...her favorite was ARR PRT (Arrgh Pirate) Nathan did not get it at first, and then told us that he had never heard a pirate say "Aarrgh". Now, I had to ask...I inquired as to what the pirate he had spoken with did say (questioning whether he had ever REALLY seen a pirate), and he replied that the pirate said, "What you selling? Ill buy it for a high price." Kayty and I looked at one another (she gets the front seat today...even numbered day). What can you say to that.

We continued on, passing the yard...the one with the disputed goose on the porch (I say it is ceramic, Nathan says it is a real guard goose!-another argument for another day.) These folks have an emu in their yard. Kayty could not see it, and Nathan again begged for us to get him one! Now, I pointed out that we have chickens, in an enclosure now, because I had a hard time with their frequent "droppings". I pointed out the size of a chicken and compared it to the size of said emu, and questioned the size of the droppings from this creature. He assured me that they were small, pointing out that a huge elk makes very small droppings. I said I would rather have an elk than an emu. He then said that he wanted to ride it to school. He had already spoken with his buddies at school and they thought he should ride in a chariot behind the said emu, and that he should sport a toga! Now, I haven't checked North Pointe's dress code, but I am sure togas are not in the repertoire! I don't know if his buddies were serious (sophomores in high school, don't you know) or whether they just want to see if he would do it.(Now, I really don't put it past him at all.) I did express my concern at the feelings of the ASPCA on using an emu as a towing animal.

We could not pursue, because Nathan had then advised us to roll down the windows rather quickly...gas release was coming (so gross to drive a boy to school.) Then, Kayty put a headphone jack in my ear to listen to my favorite Green Day song: My Shadow (I don't know if this is the title, but I call it that.) I can really get down to it, even though I don't know all the words, so I sub with "la la la la"and I really feel the beat, much to the chagrin of my son, who hunkered down in the back seat, totally humiliated. I don't know what to think. I humiliated a kid who thought it would be a good idea to ride to school being towed by an emu, in a chariot, wearing a toga. I think I should be offended!

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Danyel said...

Im so happy that you are happier today. You have been so down lately. Those trips to school and back sound like a laugh fest. Never a dull moment with those two.