Thursday, April 16, 2009

Menu and Make Ahead Make Mom ... uh, no "M" word...but Happy will do!

Too bad...I tried for alliteration, but I ran out of m's. Anyway, I try to have a meal plan for the month...written in pencil, of a map for what we might eat. This prevents too much Mexican and Italian dishes, allows for our love (and Kayty's hatred) of game meat, and saves me tons of time, and precious thought (though I don't know what else I would think about!) The menu changes, depending on the sales at the store, the Food Club box, and even the weather! (Yesterday, I had planned burgers and to cook up the ribs I got in the Food Club box, but it was just too windy to grill. I did put a rub on the ribs, and put them in a zip loc bag to "marinate" so they should be absolutely yummy tonight!) Today was so thought...them burgers are thawed, and the ribs are ready, and there is some leftover spaghetti sauce and sub make garlic keep Kayty from a beef and pork fury! She won't eat beef, and rarely eats pork - but will eat pepperoni and bacon! I love the rub I use...found the recipe somewhere a couple of years ago on the internet, so I don't know if I can officially share it as my own, or anyone elses, but let me know if you want it. I started using it on our pork shoulder roasts that we were smoking for pulled pork, but it is great on ribs too.


Jannicke said...

I would love the recipe. I am always looking for new once. And also what is the food club box???

Grammy Suzzy for Home blog and Doran for HotAz Nites said...

Jannicke, I will post the rub recipe. As for the Food Club, it is operated through WestSide Food Bank. You can purchase basic meat and pantry items, and then you get other items (all poison to you - full of gluten!) tortillas, breads, rolls, english muffins, cookies, pizza sauce, orange juice, skim milk, cottage cheese...just lots of things. The prices start at 13 bucks for no meat, up to 34 buck for meat too.