Thursday, April 16, 2009


If I was given four hundred dollars today, what is one thing I would spend it on? interesting question. I could be hair is waaaaay longer than Laura Bush's, but I am trying to sell some things on ebay, etc. to justify a Mario's haircut. I need new dress shoes, and everyday shoes, but I just don't like buying shoes (crazy, huh! But, when you have a bunion - we call him Earl - it makes shoe shopping a torture, so it is just easy to wear the old, yet comfy shoes, no matter how bad they look. I saw some cute things for my grandbabies this morning...I could even ship the stuff on my sewing table that has been stacking up, but does my Allison really need her mom to furnish more stuff to pick up? (and there is some candy involved...hey, I am a Grammy, and Grammys are allowed to be unhealthy!)

Only thing I can think of is to buy Dee a real birthday present...not something out of money he earns, but money I have. I think I would buy something for his car restoration. That has been put off indefinitely for now, so if I could get him paint, or an alternator, or whatever, that would be the best!

Now, the challenge...what would YOU do if I gave you $400.00...what ONE thing would you spend it on?


Annie Miller said...

I don't think I am as giving as you! I probably wouldn't tell Mike about it and go have a blast at the mall or something. Obviously, I have a lot to learn...and you are a great example. Doran is lucky to have you!

Grammy Suzzy for Home blog and Doran for HotAz Nites said...

Hey, Annie...I am no example. I just never in ... 29 years, almost ... have I gotten him anything with real money...not just a few bucks here and there... that I earned. And, I am pretty boring...I get hives when I enter a mall...poor Allison only got me there once for her birthday shopping, and once for a prom dress. And, poor Kayty has had it worse than that!