Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Second Shot-Putter, First Discus Thrower

I love the Summer Olympics, for their are so many sports there that I enjoy watching: gymnastic, swimming, diving, and the track and field events. I was so impressed when Allison, during her senior year, with little prior athletic experience, set out to train and work out, and made the varsity track team throwing the shotput. I even got to see her at a meet (track meets are long, and it is difficult to figure when an event is.)

Nathan is on the varsity football team, and he spends his "off season" constantly working and prepping for next season. He joined his high school's first track team just to keep his skill level high. He is a thrower as well. The shot put is not his favorite, but he loves the discus, and even holds the school record (A great accomplishment, mind you, but it is their first track team). He likes the work, likes the coach, and has a great time. Who'd have thunk that I would raise two throwers: my oldest baby, and my youngest baby!

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