Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Best Thing About Being A Mom!

You frequently hear the lamentings of society (not moms in particular, though) about the sadness of wasting your life to be a stay at home mom. Now, I have never particularly complained. I just love my job as a mom at home. I have gotten to do the things my mom, who had to return to the work force when my father had a stroke when he was 37, never could do: be a homeroom mom, attend field trips, drive kids places (that job, for me, is never dull...usually a laugh a minute, as you have noted in the past!) I just love to be a part of my kids' lives, and to be able to share in their sometimes sorrows, and oftentimes joys, and today was no exception.

I had a busy morning: cleaning, then APS guy comes to install new power meter for solar system, then vacuuming and getting dinner marinating, then the Qwest guy comes to hook up the new modem (our internet was obsolete, apparantly), then more bed making and laundry, then the City of Phoenix guy comes to inspect the solar water heater (it passed, but we need to repair the garage ceiling where I, and a few other of my older kids have slipped of a board while rummaging through the attic and fell through). All of a sudden, I get the most wonderful call. Kayty's ringtone on my phone is quite is a recording of her giggling when she inhaled some crazy and funny. So, I hear this giggling...and I answer, wondering which of her classes is cancelled. I hear the shreiks of an elated teenager...she has a date for the "Black and White Ball!" She is sooooo excited! And I got to hear it from her right then, when the fun is fresh! (Somehow, the excitement wears off as the hours go by.)

I am so very very blessed to have a very hard working hubby who makes it all possible for me to be there for these great times, to be there when they get a date, to be there when they miss too many on a test and need a comforting shoulder, and even when they forget their shorts for P.E. Being a mom at home has rewards that cannot be measured, no matter how old the kids get!!

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