Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Was Amazing!

It is quiet...Dee is at his friend, Gregg's funeral in Tucson. Nathan is working on his truck. Kayty is at work. I can't stand tv...so I sit here. I begin to think...and, maybe, feel sorry for myself...just a little bit. Things are difficult here...not insurmountable, but difficult. I am going to turn 49 in July (on the 4th, no less...but no fireworks when you get to be my age), and have been going through a periodic "mid life assessment" when I run, when times are quiet. I feel too ... just too...too far away from Adam and Grace, too strapped and behind in credits to go to school...too inexperienced to get anything but uproarious laughter when I submit my resume...too old to dream. Then, as I was checking my google reader, I find this. Just watch and see what it means to make a dream come true.


Danyel said...

Mom that was amazing. Your dreams can come true too. Love you lots. Danyel

Jannicke said...

Suzzy, I loved this, thanks for sharing. That just goes to show that it is never to late for our dreams to come true. Brian really appreciated your comment on his birthday it made his day. Thanks for always being there for everyone around you.