Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is It The Cauliflower?

I went to the dentist this morning...a new crown was "installed" on the left, and a chipped tooth (result of bad girl ice chewing) was repaired on the right. While I was waiting for those awful shots to take effect (no offense, Dr. Johnson...you are the best dentist on the earth...ever...but I just never will like them shots, no matter what!) I was reading a magazine called "Health". There was a blurb...something about eating cauliflower creating some odd nutrient or enzyme and how that can increase brain power. Finally, I do something that helps me!!! I just adore cauliflower. I have raw cauliflower on my salad every day for lunch. It is my absolute favorite. And one of my "when I am going to die, my last meal will be..." dishes is the cooked cauliflower and cheese that my mother in law is superb at creating! I guess that is why my sweet hubby has called me twice today to spell a word for him: "erythromycin" and "architecture". Sounds like a spelling bee waiting to happen...and all because of that glorious, yummy cauliflower I cannot get enough of!

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Annie Miller said...

I have to get a crown! I have been having nightmares about it for months. Please tell me everything is going to be ok :)