Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Post: Our Sweet Party Girl

When Kayty was hired at Party City, almost a year ago, I breathed a sigh of relief. I feared that she would get hired at a shoe store...and that girl just LOVES shoes...always has, since she was a baby...and that all her earnings would end up on her feet! So, Party City seemed safe. Kayty was rather quiet, just a few close friends shared her celebrations. Well, working there unleashed the Party City Animal within! She loves to find things on sale and put them away. She has three huge boxes under her bed, filled with "girl" and "boy" treats, from the days she had time to teach piano lessons, plates, cups, napkins, candles, banners, balloons, and just about everything you could need! I have also benefitted from her being there: I have sets of pink and blue plastic knives (no forks or spoons, but I am ready if needed) beautiful napkins, and just all sorts of gingerbread house sweets (yes, I am already squirrelling stuff away for next Grammy Day!).

Easter has, in the past, been a holiday I just didn't do much for...dyed eggs...made new outfits when the kids were little, got some goodies, hunted some eggs, but nothing big. And, I kinda felt bad this year, because I am soooo cutting back on EVERYTHING, and, well, my babies are 16 and, I just didn't get anything. I woke up on Sunday...huge headache, of course...and on our table in the kitchen were three bags: one for Dad, one for Nate, and one for me! All from our cute, sweet party bunny...Kayty. I just cried, for she did what I just couldn't. What a wonder she is!

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