Saturday, October 11, 2008

Challenge Met

Well, I finally finished Kayty's room. (I just needed to sew the dresser cloth...she tends to spill on the furniture, and this seems to help.) When she asked for pink camouflage and skulls, I was rather hesitant. None of the older kids were ever even allowed to wear black (I confess, kids, I have thrown in the towel here.)
However, she so happy with her room, and I still hear her in there laughing with the movies she loves to watch, and singing Broadway show tunes and playing her keyboard, so I guess I will survive this challenge.
She wanted more black in the walls, but I won on that one. Now, watch, six months from now, she will want to be blonde and for me to paint the room sage green and have a floral print bedspread. If she does....

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Danyel said...

Mom I am so happy to see the pink Camo. Its good that Kate likes it. Now you will have your own camo room after she moves out. You put so much love into all you do for your children. Im happy to be part of your family.