Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Garden is In...Now to Keep the Animals Away

Well, Dee and I did our part tonight to try to be more self reliant. We planted our garden. First, we planted sweet peas. These flowers are special to us. When we were dating, Dee would go next door to Grampa Ethan's house and get some sweet peas that Grampa had cut and prepared for him to bring to me. I loved having them in my room...they smelled so good. Grampa always had the best flowers, the best garden. He was an amazing man! Dee has planted them a few times here. I realized awhile back that the time he spends prepping the garden and the great care he takes in getting them to grow is one way he demonstrates his love for me. Of course,some years have been better than others (weather sometimes played a key role, but lately it has been those darn chickens of Nate's! ) I cannot wait until they get to the point that I can walk out and cut bouquets of those wonderful flowers and put them on the table and in the kitchen window.
We also planted snow peas, swiss chard, and collard greens. Now, since Dee makes the best Chinese food in the world, the snow peas are something we all will eat.
However, when it comes to leafy veggies, I love salad with nice, crispy iceberg lettuce. I am not into eating wilted greens, either raw or cooked. However, Dee served his Church mission in Georgia, so he is a southern boy at heart. It isn't a problem...I will cook, and he will eat. Sounds like a plan.
We are going to plant cilantro, but in a container. Nathan wants to make some of his salsa...the stuff is hot enough to take paint off a barn, but he loves making it.
Now, if the birds, chickens, and those two pesky squirrels we have in our yard will just leave things be, we should have a good outcome! But, if them thar' squirrels make a showing in my yard, I may get that ol' pellet gun out and...well, the implied actions are not appropriate for nursery children to even think that Sister Rice would do!!! You get the picture, though.

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