Monday, October 27, 2008

It Wasn't Easy, But It Was Worth It

I am just learning photography. I am still stuck on "bigger number-smaller aperature" (I am really trying, Alan!) Anyway, we got to spend a little time with our grandbabies and their wonderful parents in Vegas, and I took some pics of them for our Christmas Card on Sunday at the Las Vegas Temple. Now, I love to look at blogs and see poses, and I thought I would try a few. No one said, that in order to get this...

You get to enjoy this first...

It was so fun with sweet Grace. Adam patiently waited while she waited for the right moment! She truly is my little butterfly...always a new adventure, always new fun, always new smiles!

I will post more about this fantastic trip later. A big thanks, though, to Allison, my wonderful daughter and her sweet hubby, Mike, for putting up with me! And super, duper thanks to my wonderful, cute, awesome, handsome, and most fantastic hubby, aka Papa! (Grace asked for Papa so much, that I now refer to myself as "Not-the-Papa!")

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