Monday, October 20, 2008

Week Ahead Full of Good and Not So Good

Mondays are so busy for me! First, getting the kids back into the school routine nearly kills me! Fortunately, Nathan only forgot his mesh football shirt this morning - don't know if he can play with just pads or what, but I guess he will figure it out! They just refuse to get ready the night before...but, I digress, this lecture needn't be given to all! Cleaning is a big time chore on Monday, especially since on Saturday we attended a funeral and Dee played a block party. You would think that nothing would get messy with many of us gone (Nathan and Ethan were hunting elk - not successful), but I guess no one here means no one here to clean up. However, I just love to get my house clean. I spoke with Dorrie this morning and she remembered her mom saying "I hope you are having fun cleaning that brand new car!" and she thought then how nice it was to have a new car to clean. I don't mind at all cleaning up after Dee...the memory of India still is fresh, so I don't mind at all the signs that Dee is here and not gone!! But those two kids, now, I don't need evidence of their existence!!! Oh, well, I love Monday big mopping, etc. I still have bathrooms to do, but that will be okay when it is all done.

Now, my week has started well! My visiting teachers from church are coming tomorrow...then the phone rings with a reminder that I have a dental appt. tomorrow. That darn crown I have put off twice is just haunting me...So I better just get it over with. YUCK! I'll call Stacy this afternoon to reschedule! Good things: ornaments 75 to 100 are almost done...5 more to outline, then varnish and embellish all. I hope to get 100 - 125 done in 10 days...not too probable! Plus, Good thing: Kate has a concert this week - women's choir and a capella choir! Bad news - I still have to hem her dress!! Good News: Dee may get to take Friday off of work to work on panel truck. Doran can help him that day. Great news: going to Vegas on Saturday and coming back Sunday - get to see Adam's Primary Program. (You know, there is nothing better than seeing those two grandbabies of mine!! And I have a full shelf of stuff and things to take to Allison!) Bad news - still no substitute for my nursery on Sunday! (If any of you reading this want to volunteer, I will be ever in your debt!!) Good News - Nate plays football against Scottsdale Christian High. He will probably get to play (he got to play in the first half the last game - but that means that they were losing, so the 2nd string came in...lost the game 50something to 6 - but the second string didn't let them score many points) Bad news -Scottsdale Christian is another private school, so we may lose again, but it is still good if Nate the Great, as his coach calls him, gets to play.

I guess that's least for what I KNOW will happen. Now what is going to surprise me...

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Stacie Aho said...

Busy Busy! This week is crazy for me too. I do like to keep busy, but it's nice to have a day off here or there. I'm glad I read that... just call me when you can and we'll re-schedule. Paige is going out of town soon... the 29th I think. Hopefully we can work something out.

Good luck tomorrow :)