Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas In Korea December 25, 2012

Elder Rice sent a smart card home after Christmas, so we have to make some assumptions...many many assumptions. The pictures of the children dressed up...apparently a ward party, with the children performing the nativity. He has a video of it, and I couldn't figure out what it was, until I hear the children sing the Primary song, "Stars Were Gleaming" in Korean. And then "Joy to the World". So precious. He also included short videos of him experiencing his first white Christmas. He really enjoyed the snow!

Snowy Scenery from a train. 

He and Jess now have matching watches...hers is pastel, his is primary

I said I had sent over root beer extract. Here is their root beer effort, though I never did hear how it came out. It looks like root beer stew here...kinda scarey. 

Ward Christmas Party
The missionaries tree in their apartment. Elder Rice had an American companion so it was fun.

I mailed two packages...yes, at $47.90 postage per package...I just gave up some luxuries around here and it was worth it. I sent two stockings with their names on them, plus filled both with stuff. 

Some of Elder Rice's haul, including shoes that Jessica sent. She was amazing ... had to research extensively to figure out his size and then got them on sale the day after Thanksgiving. 

The new coat Elder Rice purchased with the Christmas money from Grandma, Nano, and Mom

Elder Rice loves kimchii and rice so much, but I still send him bacon items...two shirts, bandaids, candy...and floss.
It was hard to have him away...He is the youngest and always makes things...well...interestingly fun. But I am so thankful he made the choice to go serve a mission. If anyone says this is easy, or that they are brainwashed, they are sorely mistaken. It is hard hard work. They have many disappointments. But, the thing they learn that is most important is that it is NOT about them. It is about the Lord. Trust in Him. Obey His commandments. Happiness comes from living as He did.

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