Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Elder Rice Transfers to Jeonju and travels to District Meeting in Daejeon October 31 2012

Elder Rice was made Assistant District leader in Jeonju and gets to go to meetings in Daejeon. Daejeon has a COSTCO! He was excited to go and get cheese and salsa and tortillas. I was rather worried... After all, we don't have kimchii or octopus at our Costco. But, evidently he did get cheese and salsa and made some 'interesting' breakfast burritos. He told us, in our Christmas phone call, that the Costco had a food court with pizza and hot dogs, though the hot dogs were awful. Ethan, comic that he is, asked if that was because they were made of actual dog meat!

 Quite the breakfast burrito...eh!
 I think this is after the above breakfast burrito.
 This is his shopping cart: cheese, pace picante sauce, tortillas, and hot dogs, I think.
 In another picture, there was a huge bag of Krusteaz Pancake mix. I also mailed him maple extract to make his own syrup. There is a challenge to sending him too much "food". Transfers are every six weeks. That means they may have to pack up and move, and it is costly to pay to put food on the train to get to the next location they are assigned.

 I am truly not sure of what this breakfast burrito is made of, though I do see kimchii. It is packed full, just like he used to do at home, and then barely folded over.

Korean Costco Food Court Hot Dog

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